In this article, we will discover how to use WhatsApp Business within your team and ensure that your sales and/or support team can manage and respond to customer chats from a single WhatsApp company account

The way in which companies communicate with their customers through messaging apps is evolving rapidly, especially since WhatsApp launched its APIs to allow brands to communicate in a structured and systematic way with users directly through the famous messaging app.

Using WhatsApp can prove to be strategically profitable for different company departments (especially with regards to sales and customer service) making communications with customers much faster and more effective.

Moreover, using WhatsApp to communicate between companies and customers allows you to shorten the distance between the brand and users in the most varied sectors: from restaurants to travel agencies, from car dealers to e-commerce, up to its most recent used in medical clinics, which are increasingly using this channel to manage communication with patients.

Statistics show that the opening message rate on WhatsApp on mobile devices is around 98%, compared to 20% for traditional email.

All this is made possible thanks to the fact that WhatsApp is a tool accessible to everyone, and many users prefer to contact companies through the app, for its features of immediacy.

Good communication with potential customers is among the key elements of a successful business, which is why many companies decide to use WhatsApp to establish a stable and lasting relationship of trust with their users.

How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple agents at the same time

WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API: what are the differences

The well-known instant messaging app, in addition to its traditional version for personal use, has also released two products dedicated to companies: the WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business API.

Due to their similar name, the two solutions may seem the same, however, the features, methods of use, and costs are very different.

WhatsApp Business is the free version, offered to small companies that want to integrate WhatsApp into their communications with customers through a company profile, and offers basic features such as, for example, quick replies, product catalog or tags.

However, the WhatsApp Business app has several limitations, one above all, that of not being able to be used on multiple devices simultaneously and consequently by multiple sales and/or support agents at the same time.

The WhatsApp Business APIs, on the other hand, allow you to connect a WhatsApp line to external platforms typically oriented towards the management of sales or customer support that allow a structured and scalable handling of customer communication through the messaging app.

This solution is designed for medium/large companies that manage large volumes of chats, and that need to structure their sales or support teams in an organized and efficient way.

How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple agents at the same time

In order to manage customer service or sales operations, one of the problems that companies encounter using WhatsApp is not being able to allow their agents to access the same company account from multiple devices at the same time.

This means that to have a multi-agent solution for WhatsApp you need to rely on a service external to WhatsApp, such as Callbell that allows you to have structured and systematic management of incoming or outgoing chats, and that allows the sharing of chats by multiple team members.

Thanks to the integration with the official WhatsApp Business API, Callbell offers companies a tool that allows their sales or support team to work collaboratively from a single platform.

How a sales team can manage WhatsApp chats thanks to Callbell

How a sales team can manage WhatsApp chats thanks to Callbell

Since WhatsApp consolidated its market share in the instant messaging sector, the way companies interact with their target audience has drastically changed.

For this reason, Callbell has been developed to allow a professional management of the WhatsApp channel, with features aimed at making work within a sales team more efficient.

Among the key features of the platform, there is the automatic assignment of chats, meaning the fair distribution of chats between team members within the account.

This feature allows you to assign chats in the most efficient way, with the possibility of excluding some of the team members, for example those offline, to guarantee always responsive and immediate answers to your customers.

You will be able to hide chats from other agents, as soon as they are assigned. The operator can, therefore, devote himself exclusively to the customers that the system has assigned him.

Also, with the possibility of doing a backup of the chats, you can obtain constantly updated reports on the interactions that are managed through the platform.

How a customer service team can manage WhatsApp chats thanks to Callbell

The assistance that companies are able to provide to their customers during the purchase phase becomes essential to offer a quality experience. The guarantee of being able to contact the company at any time increases customer loyalty, who feels valued and more inclined to communicate with the business.

Today more than ever, the responsiveness of customer service plays a fundamental role and offering assistance via WhatsApp is the ideal solution to reduce waiting times.

Support via WhatsApp also allows you to share multimedia files, audio and documents, enriching the assistance request with useful information to solve the client’s problem.

Through Callbell’s automatic assignment feature, assistance requests will be assigned to an agent who will handle them. In the event that a second interaction occurs with the same user and the agent is no longer available, the algorithm will reassign the chat to the first online available agent. This feature shortens the waiting time for contacts who want to start a new chat.

It is possible to categorize the various assistance requests by assigning tags to users, and set up quick replies, which allow agents to respond reactively to the most frequent requests.

Moreover, it is possible to set up an automatic reply system, meaning an automatic welcome message, which will be shown the first time the contact sends a message to your WhatsApp Business number, and a closing message, which can be sent after a predefined time once the chat has ended (within a 24 hour time frame).

This will allow you, for example, to send an evaluation questionnaire regarding the request for assistance that was handled by the agent, thus monitoring user satisfaction.

Multi-agent WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business: here's how you can choose

Multi-agent WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Business: here’s how you can choose

In general, WhatsApp Business is a tool that aims at providing quality experience to its users, and gives small businesses the ability to send messages with a targeted content.

However, if the choice is to structure a sales network or a customer support team, then it will be necessary to opt for an external platform that integrates the WhatsApp Business APIs, and therefore to manage your WhatsApp account from a third-party platform.

To manage a multi-agent WhatsApp account your company will have to obtain access to the WhatsApp Business APIs, and then contract an external service that provides an interface suitable for managing the chats and workflow of your sales or support team.

Among the various alternatives, you can try Callbell, which offers a simple and intuitive interface thanks to which the agents of a sales or support team can manage the chats that are initiated with leads and customers, in an organized and collaborative way.

The platform will also collect all the data regarding the chats generated, so you can obtain interesting insights on customers, such as, for example, the number of interactions per channel and your team’s performance.

Finally, Callbell provides a free chat widget that you can install on your website, to direct traffic directly to the main messaging channels.

You can create a free account by clicking directly the form below:

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