Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) is a company that aims at connecting customers with companies in an integrated way, mainly via WhatsApp, however, it has also other major integrations such as Facebook, OLX, Mercadolibre, Salesforce, to name a few.

Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) also has a platform that is completely designed to serve incoming leads from different sales channels, allowing you to manage them in one place, with a team of the size you prefer, obviously all for a fixed price.

If you want more information on the integrations, here is the list:

How Sirena App works
How Sirena App works

It is important to remember that Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has security systems that allow it to safely assist all incoming leads. Its system is cloud-based, so you will have all the information exactly when you need it, its system is built on the web, and you can simply log in with username and password; on the other hand, Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) is not only a communication system, but also has an integrated CRM where you can store your potential customers.

This integrated CRM system allows you to do the same things you do with other CRMs, such as Salesforce or Hubspot, except this one is 100% designed for WhatsApp, and for all its incoming leads; however, although Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has its own integrated CRM, you will still have the possibility to integrate other CRMs, such as those mentioned above.

So basically, Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) is a tool that offers an integrated communication system to respond immediately to all the agents we need, with a single WhatsApp number, while also having an integrated CRM to create a solid database of your contacts, in addition to all that described above. It is worth mentioning that Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) is a WhatsApp BSP.

Main features

Main features

Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has multiple characteristic. As a company that offers communication solutions, it is normal for it to have a large number of advantages; here we list some of the main features of this service:

1) Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has an internal communication network that helps the interaction between company members.

2) Its system allows communication from multiple channels, the most important ones being WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

3) Statistics of your whole team: marketing, sales and customers.

4) integrated CRM  within the app.

5) Multiple integrations of all kinds, and also with other CRMs.

6) Management and purchase of phone numbers.

7) Data automation.

How to sign up on Sirena (Zenvia Conversion)

Once you have decided to register, by clicking on the Subscribe or Register button, located in the upper right corner of the screen, you will need to enter your e-mail address and website, then accept the terms, and click the Create account button.
How to sign up on Sirena
After this step, a screen will open where you will be asked for other information such as name, last name, phone number and a box in which to enter a code to reach your WhatsApp.
How to sign up on Sirena
Once this done, you will be asked for more information to set up our account.
How to sign up on Sirena
Once we have completed everything successfully, our data will be saved, and we can go to the Siren section to start using the tool.
How to sign up on Sirena

Advantages and disadvantages of Sirena

Like any tool, even Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has some advantages and disadvantages, below we will explain each of them:


Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) allows you to keep control of all company communications, both internal and external, you have the possibility to evaluate each chat, send it to the corresponding team and, since it has a bot, Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) can automatically allocate the conversations: this means that manpower is greatly reduced, and human errors will be less likely to occur.

Another great advantage Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has is the CRM that stores your customers’ data, analyzes them and allows you to develop marketing strategies specialized in communication, taking data from chats with all your customers: for this reason, you must always remember that you need a marketing expert to help you analyze this data.

Last but not least, Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has multiple integrations, as already explained in the first section of this article, however the main and most used ones are  MercadoLibre, Salesforce, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


One of the main disadvantages of this solution is that the price is quite high so it is probably not a very feasible option for small or medium-sized businesses. In this case, Callbell would be an excellent alternative since it has a much more user-friendly product, with very competitive prices and rather interesting features.

Another big disadvantage is that the product is quite complicated to set up and develop, so your agents will need some time to adjust; having so many interactions makes managing Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) pretty complex, and therefore particularly difficult to use and to implement.

As for the plans, they are not well distributed, as the most important features are found only in the Pro plan and some of the integrations are very difficult to set up, as there are few models for communication.

Finally, there is a variable cost that you need to add to the cost of the license based on the volume of messages sent and received, and the WhatsApp templates sent, very different from Callbell where the cost is always fixed!

Advantages and disadvantages of Sirena

Should I buy Sirena (Zenvia Conversion)?

We cannot tell you whether or not to buy Sirena (Zenvia Conversion), since it depends on the company that wants to use it: for example, if you own a large company with a lot of time available and extensive experience in the market, with a fairly large capital, it is advisable to acquire this software to improve both the internal and external communication of your company.

If, on the other hand, you own a small or medium-sized company, we do not recommend the acquisition of Sirena (Zenvia Conversion), as it is particularly expensive. It is also very complex and difficult to implement. It is generally advisable to have a communication software suitable for your business: in this case, there are several alternatives with many types of advantages and prices that can be adapted to your company.

If your business is just starting out, and is considered medium-sized, below we recommend a great communication tool that could be useful for your business.

Alternatives to Sirena (Zenvia Conversion)

As previously mentioned, Sirena has some valid alternatives on the market that might be suited for those companies that are not interested in buying such a service. Here is a list of great alternatives that may interest you:

Access the list by clicking here

Now that you are here, we will explain to you why Callbell is one of the best alternatives to Sirena. In fact, this tool is characterized by its simplicity, ease of use and communication. This tool focuses on the most important, simple and easy integrations with the most used and requested communication channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, it provides us with statistics of all kinds to be analyzed and attentive support every single moment.

Alternatives to Sirena
Frequent Questions
What are the main features of Sirena (Zenvia Conversion)?
Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has multiple features: it’s a company that offers communication solutions so its normal for it to have a large number of advantages. Here are some of the main ones :
  • Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) has an internal communication network which helps the communication between team members.
  • Its system allows communication from multiple channels, the most important being WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Statistics of your entire team, marketing, sales and customers.
  • CRM integrated within the app.
  • Multiple integrations of all kinds and also with other CRMs.
  • Management and purchase of telephone numbers.
  • Data automation.
Should I buy Sirena (Zenvia Conversion)?
We cannot tell you whether or not you should buy Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) as it depends on the company. For example, if you own a large company with a lot of time and experience in the market and with a rather large capital, it is advisable to acquire this software in order to improve the communication and processes of your company.

If on the other hand, your business is small or of average size, we do not recommend to buy Sirena (Zenvia Conversion) since it’s pretty expensive; plus, it is very complex and difficult to implement. It is generally advisable to acquire a communication software like Callbell, which is much more suitable for this type of business.

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