Virtual numbers, the concept may appear uninteresting since the adjective refers to apps and the internet. However, for businesses they are essential, as most call centers, messaging apps, or communication channels where the numbers are used for business, customer service or sales use them on a daily basis.

One of the main reasons is their characteristic of being profitable and easily configurable and customizable for every type of need and company. Companies decide to purchase these services in order to virtually offer customer service or sell with the help of WhatsApp or other messaging apps or make calls via Aircall or other similar apps, even selling virtual numbers as an integral part of a even broader service.

As you can clearly see, virtual numbers have countless uses, depending on your needs. That is why in this article we want to talk to you about what they are, what differences there are between virtual numbers and normal ones and how you can get them to use on WhatsApp Business.

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is essentially a telephone number which, unlike regular numbers, is reserved exclusively for internet and mobile data.

The only way to own a virtual number is through a platform, an app or a service, capable of managing and creating virtual numbers depending on the country you wish to exploit. We must always consider that there are absolutely free tools with some disadvantages and paid platforms with several positive features.

Finally, a virtual number is similar to a normal SIM number, but without card support, being associated with a mobile phone. This will then allow you to manage multiple services, make calls, send and receive messages. In the same way, the virtual number is used by all companies to offer a service to customers, helping to manage their sales.

How to get a virtual number?

In order to obtain a generic virtual number or virtual number for WhatsApp the process is extremely simple. We have identified three ways to fulfill this objective and each of them offers the ability to obtain different virtual numbers, some paid and some free. It is important to always consider that completely free options have disadvantages:

1) TextNow

This is one of the best free applications capable of obtaining virtual numbers. The process is really easy and simple. Also consider that, since it is free, if you do not use it, you could lose it and, if you had registered it on WhatsApp, you could have difficulties there too. What we recommend most is to use paid apps in order to obtain exclusivity and the possibility of recovering the number in any circumstance.

To get the virtual number, you will need to follow these very simple steps: 

a) Download the app: You can find it both in the Play Store and in the App Store

b) Open the app and begin the registration phase

c) Select the option with which you want to register using your email address or a Google or Facebook account

d) Once all this is done, select the “Settings” option to get started

e)  Approve all permissions that allow you to call and text

f) Proceed to choose the virtual number and, once done, start receiving and sending messages and calls whenever and wherever you want.

2) Aircall

This is a tool particularly used by all companies in order to help customers or those looking for a payment instrument, VoIP, which allows them to also manage calls coming from call centers. Unlike Texnow, Aircall is paid and can manage the call center, also offering a 7-day free trial.

Registration is extremely simple: just go to their website, click on the register option and follow the procedure. The steps to obtain the number are the same as those present in TexNow; the only difference lies in customer service.

As for the price, you will have to evaluate whether or not it is advantageous for your company: for each agent you will in fact have to pay $30, a price that can be considered high especially for small companies.

3) TextPlus

TextPlus, like other apps, can provide you with a virtual number from both the United States and Canada, limiting some of its features to certain countries. Also in this case the registration phase is extremely simple, you will only have to provide a username and password, then choose an American state and a postal code.

Once the registration phase is complete, the app will ask you to choose a number, telling you that there are no numbers available at the moment. In this case, the only thing to do is change state. Once you have obtained the number, you will finally be able to enjoy all the advantages of virtual numbers.


This is a service used to receive online messages. It is a very easy application, it requires registration via email, Google or Facebook account and a final confirmation. After doing all this, you can go to your profile and choose a country and a service from which you will receive a message asking you to confirm your account.

Always consider that this service is paid and that, for each message, you will be charged a cost.

Virtual number on WhatsApp Business

Callbell and virtual numbers on WhatsApp

Callbell is a pro-state tool for all sales and support teams who have as their sole goal to centralize interactions in one place. We can actually confirm that one of the most used apps along with Callbell is WhatsApp thanks to its powerful features.

However, you must have a phone number to integrate the WhatsApp API with Callbell and read this article to understand how it works perfectly. Companies usually tend to purchase virtual numbers to use them directly on WhatsApp, by serving their customers. Through Callbell all this is absolutely possible.

On top of all this, you will be able to take advantage of many additional features to control the work of your teams and serve customers quickly and effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Try Callbell and start increasing your visibility in one place.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct