In recent times, it is really important for all companies to maintain the loyalty of their customers. This occurs because the relationship has become really tough and it is precisely here that loyalty and love for a brand make the difference. We must refer to customer service, if the procedure is based entirely on its data, by helping the organization to understand how the provision of customer service will tend to influence the company’s results. In any case, this will increase and ensure the income and stability of the area in the long term.

For this reason, in this article, we decided to describe all this, sharing 4 extremely effective methods to expand your customer service operations.

What are the 4 effective ways to expand customer service operations for your business?

1) Organize your communication channels, omnichannel, multipage, etc.

In case you do not know, many companies have issues with organizing messages, customers, communications, and channels. There is a platform, Callbell, capable of helping you organize all your channels.

On this platform, it will be possible to connect the communication channels that your customers can use, including WhatsApp, also an omnichannel system, multiple pages and social accounts. Additionally, you will have access to sales and support tools, metrics and chatbots.

This will undoubtedly increase your company’s operations in terms of customer support. Moreover, incorporating a white label softphone can simplify communication, offering a branded interface for seamless customer interactions.

2) Identify the metrics capable of driving the impact on all results thanks to the statistics measured by Callbell

The module dedicated to Advanced Statistics offered by Callbell allows you to obtain more detailed indicators and information on the interactions assigned to dedicated support agents. Considering all the data provided, it is logical to think that the company will have the opportunity to increase operations by developing strategies based on real data offered and achieved by your customers and your team. In this form, we have the following information:

– Team performance

– Online time for each agent

– Number of closed chats for each agent

– Chat in queue

– Messages without a reply

– Automatic routing

– Number of cases resolved/re-routed

– Average time to send a chat dedicated to automatic routing

These statistics can make data collection and understanding even easier, providing a solid foundation on which you can focus your decision making. Furthermore, you will have the possibility to expand customer support procedures based on the data collected.

3) Start creating customer-related maps during the purchasing process

Understanding how a customer may behave throughout the purchasing process is essential for all businesses. This allows them to understand the minds of potential customers and, in this way, create new strategies based on similar tastes and preferences to customers who have already purchased.

With Callbell you will be able to use bots and the sales funnel in order to control what customers do throughout the purchasing process, by devising new sales strategies.

4) Automate Bots and Routing

Another effective way to expand your customer service operations is to use the chatbots and automatic routing available on Callbell. This way you can make all support-related operations completely automated, solving a large number of cases without human intervention.

Similarly, your company guarantees that only the most important cases are followed by human capital, by increasing the quality of assistance.

What is Callbell and how can it help your business

Callbell is a multi-channel tool, capable of allowing companies to serve customer requests sent from several social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp directly in one place.

With this platform you will have the opportunity to expand your customer service operations by taking advantage of the different features offered by Callbell like the sales funnel, CRM, chatbot, automatic routing, broadcast messages and much more.

If you want Callbell, improving your customer service, click here.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct