Do you think you spend the whole day answering the same questions that your customers always ask? Where is my order, how much does it cost, what shipping can I use… It is absolutely normal for users to have doubts so recurrently. At this point, you will want to automate your chats! We are in an era that makes immediacy its strength.

If people who visit your site don’t get quick responses, they may turn to your first competitor. This is why being able to use technology to our advantage is essential.

How would you like to serve your customers 24/7?

Discover the best customer service solutions of 2024 to ensure that efforts are kept to a minimum with excellent results. We want to explain how to automate chats with the 5 tools that will increase your business.

Why can automating chats increase business in 2024?

Do you ever wonder if your business might need a chatbot? The answer is really simple: absolutely yes! It does not matter if you have a small or large company.

Here we present all the advantages given by this new technology:

1) No unnecessary waiting

2) Maximization of sales opportunities

3) Offering a quick and efficient service

4) Increased loyalty

5) Collection of key data from all customers in order to increase conversions

6) Save time and money by delegating tasks

In this article we will analyse the five chat automation tools or strategies capable of increasing your business in 2024.

5 chat automation ways to boost your business

Forget about the less important issues and focus only on what really matters: growing your business.

1) Use a chatbot to respond to all interactions

Human assistance really requires a lot of work and this is where the chatbot becomes our ally, like the one offered by Callbell. Forget the hours spent answering the same old questions.

A doubt is legitimate, and what will the human agents do? They are of great help because the human presence is always useful. However, the majority of conversations can easily be delegated. Usually, there are several users who always ask the same questions, perhaps regarding practical actions.

How can the chatbot help you?

1) Answer the most common questions like those regarding prices, etc.

2) Help guide the potential customer during the purchase

3) Give direct contact information

4) Offer even more customized experiences on the web or in e-commerce

5) Increase purchase conversions of abandoned carts

6) Send relevant and well-segmented messages

7) Direct efforts towards potential customers who have a higher purchase percentage

In short, we can say that better filtering customers before investing time in a call or chat is a fundamental action, since we will be able to focus on the users most likely to purchase or those who are truly qualified.

In the meantime, you will avoid distractions with less important matters that do not serve to increase your business.

In case you do not have a website yet, this will be the first step to take, then having the possibility of integrating a chatbot.

Furthermore, you should seriously consider the user experience when browsing your site. For example, if you have a site that is too slow, you should change hosting. HubSpot hosting can help you thanks to its very high quality. Simply put, if you want to offer good customer service, the site must have the characteristic of being easily navigable, offering free space for all questions.

Once you have created a website and a chatbot you will need to make sure you configure it in the best possible way, monitoring the results, analysing the positive aspects, etc.

The central objective of this tool is to increase your business by improving the reputation of the brand. This is why it is of fundamental importance to combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

2. Automate social responses

No matter where you are, the company must continue to work automatically.

As for social media, although they are a useful and powerful tool for connecting with your target, they require time and attention.

Additionally, if customers do not receive quick responses, they move straight to the competition. Do not you think?

An example of automation could be sending a direct message to new followers on Instagram, making everything more practical and impactful.

Why can you automate social media messages?

1) To thank them for their interest in your brand.

2) To offer them brief information about the company and your products and services.

3) To recommend them to visit your profile.

4) To encourage them to make a purchase or try one of the many services you offer.

5) To advise them to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Also, did you know that there are bots on WhatsApp? That is why you can also have a business profile on this messaging app, by automating responses.

If you have a qualified conversation, you can automatically enter to end the conversation or, if you wish, you can have the Callbell chatbot refer the conversation to an agent, adding information, tags or directing it in detail to a sales funnel. sale.

3. Create email sequences for customers and prospects

Emails are a great tool for converting leads into customers. Although this channel is not a real chat, it is essential for communicating with your database.

Why use this tool?

1) To educate your leads towards the sales funnel until they are ready to purchase.

2) To promote the products to the most interested.

3) To keep your customers informed about news and possible offers.

4) To convert an abandoned cart if you have an e-commerce site.

The advantage of automation like Mailchimp, for example, is that it allows you to create sequences. For example, you can send to customers based on their purchase history, personalizing emails based on each user’s previous clicks.

4. Design interactive forms

More traditional form types may appear boring and not very attractive but, today, it is possible to create dynamic and visual interactions.

For example, Typeform is an extremely economical and intuitive solution to use even if you have no experience in programming, creating your personal form in a few seconds and embedding it within the site. If you use Callbell, you will also be able to connect the tool to Typeform via Zapier and further automate the entire process.

Why are these solutions so important?

1) They increase conversion rates by convincing users to complete forms.

2) You get accurate and relevant information on all customers, potential and otherwise.

3) They offer a unique and attractive experience.

4) Extract key elements from your customers with highly engaging surveys.

Nobody likes to waste valuable time, especially when the forms are poorly done. You have surely seen a survey to fill out and decided not to continue. That is why many brands offer really attractive incentives. 

What can you use as a guide to attract new leads?

1) Offer a free eBook in your area.

2) Invite those interested in free webinars.

3) Encourage people to purchase a discount coupon when filling out the survey.

These are just some of the most eye-catching ways to grab customers’ attention and convince them to give you their valuable data. Acquiring new potential customers can also be an excellent tool for increasing sales.

5. Integrate your CRM with an advanced chatbot solution

CRM tools allow you to manage all information regarding your customers. In addition to having basic information about the user, some solutions may be able to integrate and centralize the different messaging channels. Imagine being able to reply from one place to all the customers who write to you from WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram or Telegram respectively.

By integrating your CRM with an advanced chatbot, you can provide an even more sensational customer experience, saving time and effort.

Automate your chats

From the leap to automation

As you can see, today there are several useful options for improving a company’s customer service. Automating interactions, for example, will lead to enormous savings in time and effort, leaving you surprised by how easy it can be to delegate the most repetitive tasks, offering a unique and totally personalized experience for each individual customer.


1) Do not be afraid to experiment, try new things and choose what best suits your needs

2) Also involve your team to make them feel comfortable with these new tools

3) Make the transformation gradually, starting with simple tasks

4) Analyse all the results, continuing to promote what works best for you

Now that you are more involved, focus on your customers. Do it for real! You will see that, at the beginning, there will be an adjustment phase which will then lead to a clear improvement in productivity. If you want to automate chats, offering a unique and specialized customer experience, we strongly recommend you try Callbell.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct