Here are the best live chat plugins for your
e-commerce website to provide live customer support

Several studies show that around 83% of consumers require assistance when buying a product or service online.

If up until today most companies offered a support service through email/ticket systems, today most of the customers who buy online expect an immediate service of assistance, typically via a live chat with customer service of the company from which they are buying.

That being said, there are hundreds of solutions that provide assistance in real time on the market, which allow the user browsing the website to request instant support. Depending on the type of your business, some solutions may be more suitable than others. We have chosen to present you here the 3 best solutions based on the type of clientele your e-commerce addresses.

Best Live chat plugins

Here are the three best Live Chat plugins you can install on your website provide real-time support

We just had to start from our solution, obviously 😜. Callbell is a chat plugin that allows site visitors to request support through their favorite chat app (including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram Direct).

The platform allows you to customize the chat plugin according to the channels you want to make available, and is a solution suitable for all those e-commerce websites that focus on a mobile-first audience.

In fact, the visitor can start to chat in real time with the company through his or her favorite messaging app, and then continue the conversation at a later time, without having to wait for the response on the website.

For the company, it is easier like this to gather information about the user and analyze the history of past chats. Everything is managed by a single platform that collects conversations from different channels and allows them to be distributed to a support team.

Callbell: the best live chat for ecommerce sites

Intercom is the right Live Chat solution if your company operates in the B2B space. Intercom’s interface allows you to start a chat directly on the website and provide support to your site visitor.

Moreover, the platform provides advanced features so you can customize the user’s experience on your site: the platform allows you to understand if the user is still online, which page of our site he/she is on, and send different welcome messages based on the URL where the user is at.

Intercom is the perfect solution to generate leads in a B2B market and/or provide pre and post sales support to companies which use our services.

In the B2B area, there are other viable solutions such as Drift, Crisp or HubSpot’s live chat.

Intercom: Live Chat for b2b companies

3) Zopim (Zendesk)

Zopim is the ideal choice for companies that use Zendesk as a customer support/ticketing platform. Although it is not exactly a “modern” solution, it is often an ideal choice for companies (both for B2B and B2C) that wish to customize their chat as they please.

Moreover, Zopim can easily be integrated with Salesforce, Magento, WordPress and many other tools for sales and support management. Zopim offers a free version which can yet be restrictive. Afterwards, the paid plans start at €14/month per user.

There are many other valid alternatives to Zopim that provide approximately the same type of functionality. Like for example SmartSupp, LiveChat or

Zopim: live chat by Zendesk

4) Acquire

Acquire is a comprehensive live chat solution enabling customer service agents to address customer queries across multiple touchpoints, be it social media, website, mobile app or any third-party CRM and communication platform like Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, etc.

Observe customers’ behavior online and provide the assistance they need, initiating conversations the right way. Keep track of their browsing behavior – see the URLs they browsed most often and the time they spent on each page. Access past conversations and connect with customers contextually.

Acquire comes with integrated visual tools like cobrowsing, allowing agents to access the customers’ screens in real-time to see the exact problem they’re facing, setting it apart from the rest. Not only that, but an agent can immediately act on the problem by giving customers visual cues. Acquire is a fantastic tool when it comes to reducing resolution times and so helping agents ensure customer satisfaction.


Which is the best Live Chat plugin?

In this article we took into consideration 3 of the best Live Chat plugins on the market. Which one is the best?

It depends on your type of business and your customers; let’s recap:

1) If you have an ecommerce site, focused at young customers and/or mainly mobile traffic, Callbell is the right solution for you

2) If your customers are companies (B2B), Intercom and Acquire are the most complete solutions, not only to provide support, but also to generate leads and manage your prospects

3) If you are looking for something more “traditional”, but compatible with Salesforce and customizable, then you can choose Zopim, Zendesk’s Live Chat

4) If these 3 options don’t fit your use case, we suggest you to try Acquire or JivoChat

If you are still undecided and don’t know how to decide, you can start a chat with us or leave a comment below: our team is always available to give you some advice!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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About the author: Hello! I am Carlo and I am one of the co-founder at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and (soon) Instagram Direct