The current global health crisis we are experiencing, with the related global emergency situations that have resulted from it, have led to a general downsizing in the way we work and the relative organization of communications.

In this article, we will list 4 typical situations, in which the centralization of corporate instant messaging (Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger) can have a decisive impact in the management and prosperity of the company (or public company) in this time of emergency.

Sales and logistic management of orders (E-commerce)

The isolation imposed by various governments around the world, because of the coronavirus, leads citizens to seek the answer to the need for supplies through the purchases of goods online. A large number of shopkeepers and small and medium-sized enterprises are rapidly adapting to change in order to compensate for the disproportionate growth in demand, even from less habitual consumers, usually reluctant to buy and pay online.

Having a reactive tool, which allows employees maximum speed in the sales phase and easy management of the order in the logistics phase, is crucial in this emergency.

Communicating with your customers, through the two most used messaging apps in the world (Whatsapp and Messenger), will certainly be a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency as well as a more empathetic way of communicating with customers.

The Callbell platform allows multiple users to use a single whatsapp and messenger account, for an efficient and monitored management of sales and orders..

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger for your business in times of emergency

Avoiding the isolation of smart Workers

In these hours, thanks to the various legal decrees published almost everywhere in the world, we are witnessing a massive use of Smart Working.

When thinking about smart working, there are two fundamental aspects to consider: the operational aspect and the psychological aspect.

For the operational aspect, we refer to the collaborator’s ability to have the necessary tools to communicate efficiently internally and externally to the company. To file down this problem, technology fortunately comes to our aid. For internal communication, there are various valid tools such as Zoom, (one of the best systems for video calls, webinar, conference call) Slack (the famous company instant messaging tool) or Trello (for team projects management).

On the external communication front, however, the one with customers, the number of tools that allow shared management is very limited. That’s why Callbell’s solution is to make available a platform shared by the team, integrating Whatsapp and Messenger. Remember that, especially in a BtoC context, these two channels are the most useful tools.

Through Callbell it’s possible to continue to provide customer support and make sales. Even in this case the psychological aspect should not be underestimated: an employee who might be more restless than others, regarding what is happening, and that suddenly finds himself working from home all week, isolated from the rest of the world and exposed to a bombing raid of information, may have panic reactions.

In these days, in companies that choose Smart Working, human resources offices should devote themselves to chatting daily to all employees working from home, even just to ask them how it’s going and to update them on the activities in the company. Communication via Whatsapp or Messenger will feel less superficial and more personal to a collaborator during this emergency.

Empathic communication with patients

Empathic communication with patients has recently become a real dilemma for medical personnel. From the perspective of social distancing, consultations in telemedicine literally exploded. Even in this case, to maintain constant contacts and update the patients, Whatsapp once again proves to be the most effective tool for this purpose.

Furthermore, with the explosion of the coronavirus, the information centers of the various health services have to manage huge volumes of questions of worried users.

The Callbell platform allows you to centralize Whatsapp connections in a single platform, making them accessible to every team member.

Avoid isolation smartworkers

Support from NGOs and associations to users

There are a lot of NGOs and associations which, in times of emergency, find themselves in the need to quickly and professionally spread informations with users. In a world where Mobile browsing has far exceeded Desktop browsing, and where in emergency contexts many people can be deprived of a computer, communication on messaging apps is the best and most direct way.

E-learning and parent / teacher communication

When the coronavirus began to spread around the world, one of the first measures implemented by the authorities was to close schools until further notice, to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

Currently, in most countries, schools are still closed and it is therefore necessary to take some countermeasures to continue school education.

The current situation must not prevent schools from teaching and supporting students’ education. Whatsapp and Facebook are the simplest and most intuitive tools to communicate, especially with the parents of the younger children, who are going help their kids during these weeks of quarantine and isolation.

We hope this article has proved useful and if you are interested in trying our platform, do not hesitate to create an account.

E-learning from home

Frequent Questions

Is it possible to use Facebook Messenger to generate new leads?

It is absolutely possible to use Facebook Messenger to generate new leads, in fact many companies already use it, sending traffic from their paid ads to their Facebook profile. This type of ads in fact converts more effectively. For this, we recommend using it for all kinds of promotions and for the sale of items or services.

One of the most effective ways to use Facebook Messenger to generate leads is to develop a distribution list of your contacts who are already interested in your products or services and send them periodic messages to pique their interest.

How to generate leads on Messenger through Click-to-Messenger ads?

In 2017, Facebook gave its advertisers the option of generating ads that had as a call to action the initiation of a chat with the business page. Thanks to this option, when a user clicks on one of these ads, the Messenger chat opens with an introductory message, and the user can choose to continue the conversation by simply answering with another message.

The combination of clicking on the insert and sending the first message by the user corresponds to the double opt-in required by Facebook to generate a potential customer and to be able to start chatting with him directly on Messenger.

Find out more about how to create click-to-messenger ads here.

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