Recently Telegram has reached 400 million users around the world, becoming the biggest competitor of the messaging giants, WhatsApp and Facebook. In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of this platform for your business

Although it is very similar to WhatsApp, Telegram is exploiting some peculiarities to push more and more companies and users to sign up. One above all, the maniacal privacy protection, which gives Telegram the supremacy in terms of user data security.

Unlike the famous messaging apps by Zuckerberg, Telegram offers some features that make it unique and attractive for users who choose to differentiate themselves from the usual social media.

A first feature of Telegram consists of groups with a maximum number of members of up to 200,000 people. Here users can exchange messages and media of any format up to 1.5GB in size.

Another distinguishing feature are the channels, in which only administrators can send news, information, and promotions unilaterally, to a potentially unlimited number of users.

How to use Telegram for your business

How to use Telegram for your business

In general, users of this platform want to keep up to date on particular interests, such as gaming or technology, but also to receive promotional messages from companies. Precisely for this reason Telegram is among the messaging apps that offer more possibilities for business.

An interesting feature for companies consists of bots, meaning programs created to interact and perform precise actions for users, for example, track a shipment, search for products on Amazon, search for a video on YouTube and many other functions!

Bots are used particularly by companies that wish to promote their products and be in direct contact with their audience on Telegram. Many companies use this channel to increase their sales and to offer an additional channel for customer support.

Being present on Telegram through bots will allow your company to obtain all the benefits of conversational marketing and accompany your target audience also on this platform full of potential.

Creating a Bot on Telegram to generate leads

Creating a Bot on Telegram to generate leads

Being able to create a bot on Telegram could prove to be remarkably profitable for your business, to be able to maintain close contact with your potential customers and convert them into sales.

The possibility of opening this new communication channel will give you an advantage over your competitors, if they are not already present on Telegram. To create a bot on Telegram, just follow these short steps:

1) Open a new chat with BotFather: you can do it using this link:;

2) Create a new Bot by typing “/ newbot” directly in the chat with the BotFather;

3) Set the Bot name: BotFather will ask you for a name, this will be the name your users will see on Telegram;

4) Set the Bot username: BotFather will also ask you for a username, which must end with “bot”;

Once the bot has been created, to immediately interact with your users, simply start promoting this new means of communication. The methods to promote your bot on Telegram are:

1) Share your chat link ( on your social channels or via email;

2) Share your QR Code, through the channels already mentioned above;

3) Installa a chat widget on your website, which redirects automatically to your bot.

Once you have obtained new leads, unlike the other messaging apps, on Telegram you can contact them without any time window, and you can also send broadcasts to an unlimited number of users, without any frequency limit.

Moreover, Telegram allows you to send any type of advertising content, without restrictions. This will give your business a huge advantage, but be careful to use this powerful feature sparingly, so as not to run the risk of annoying users.

Increasing sales on Telegram: here’s how

One of the limits of Telegram is that, although it is possible to use the same account from multiple devices, it is not possible for other people to manage chats at the same time: in fact, there is no assignment function which consequently makes collaboration within the app complicated. This makes life difficult for companies with large sales or support teams.

If you intend to direct your sales force on Telegram, you will need to use an external platform. In this regard, Callbell allows you to integrate Telegram and channel the main messaging apps into a single platform.

Moreover, with Callbell you can assign chats among your sales agents in a totally automatic way, add tags to users, create quick replies and many other features.

To integrate Telegram within Callbell simply copy the API key that the BotFather gave you during the creation of your bot, directly in the Integrations section once you have created an account on our platform.

At this point, you can start organizing your sales network in the best possible way to increase sales by responding to chats with your Telegram users directly from Callbell.

If you want to create a direct link from your website to your bot, do not miss the opportunity to install our free chat widget, which will allow you to channel your website traffic to the messaging channels your visitors prefer.

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Telegram for business
Frequent Questions
What is Telegram and why should you integrate it into your business?
Telegram is a tool with enormous potential. It is a free marketing channel, easily downloadable from the App Store. It is also a safe chat because it is protected by encryption that makes it impossible for third parties to read it.

Moreover, it’s a perfect channel for customer service, it has chatbots, the ability to create chat channels, discussion groups and communities, many features for developers, integrations with third-party apps and much more.

How to manage requests via Telegram?
Compared to traditional emails or phone calls, Telegram, like other instant messaging apps, allows you to communicate and provide customer support in a personal and asynchronous way (if you and your team cannot respond immediately, you will have the chance to communicate with that person even after leaving your website).

If you want to start using Telegram immediately and integrate it into your website in a simple and free way, you can register immediately on Callbell and create your customized widget.

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