Nowadays, it is essential to communicate with others: this speech is referring to companies and individuals. However, we must consider that the most used communication app is certainly WhatsApp and that, consequently, the exchange of information is basically immeasurable on a daily basis.

This pushes companies to want a part of the trade offered by this platform, starting to think they can run and create marketing campaigns directly on WhatsApp. What is usually done is to collect a database and send mass messages to all possible customers; however, this has its limits, making it unattractive and effective for companies.

That is why there are alternatives, like Callbell which, thanks to its Broadcast module, can help in the easy implementation of marketing campaigns using the WhatsApp Business API. This means that companies have the possibility to create their own advertising campaigns without the limitations imposed by WhatsApp.

So, today we want to teach you the best way to send mass messages with WhatsApp Business without running into possible limitations.

What is Callbell and its Broadcast module

Callbell is a web platform capable of allowing companies to connect all the most used social networks and messaging channels directly in one place and, starting from there, with the help of different teams, interact with customers efficiently, quickly and perfectly ordered.

This app has different features, including the Broadcast module, statistics, specific teams, conversation bots, funnels and CRMs.

On the other hand, the Broadcast module, for all those who integrate WhatsApp with the API, it is possible to send mass messages (or broadcast) to a preset list of contacts. Unlike other broadcasts sent with the traditional WhatsApp Business app, mass messages sent from a WhatsApp Business API account will be delivered even to users who have not saved your business number.

How to send mass messages through WhatsApp Business without limits?

Sending mass messages has always been synonymous with annoying spam. That is why we want to advise you to respect the good practices foreseen by WhatsApp when performing these actions. You can broadcast with Callbell in two ways:

– Using the Callbell Broadcast module (independent): To send your messages, you can follow the guidelines that you will find on Callbell, which are summarized here:

1) Upload a CVS with a single column called Phone (example)

2) Select a template and upload any chosen image or document*

3) Confirm sending the message

As you can see, the first way to send messages through Callbell is extremely simple. Now, we want to share the second method as well. optimize

Filling out this short (guided) form. Once received, a member of our team will contact you immediately to confirm the cost of the service and thus schedule the message. To do this, you must indicate:

1) The list of contacts you want to send the message to (example)

2) The message content (template) you want to send

3) An image to associate with the message (optional).

Note: If you wish to fill out the form in order to interact via Callbell, click here.

Note: If you wish to see all the information regarding the Broadcast form offered by Callbell, click here.

Send mass messages with WhatsApp Business


As we have just seen, sending mass messages via Callbell is a truly elementary action, however having the integration with the WhatsApp Business API in order to carry out your favorite marketing campaigns in a comfortable and safe way.

If you want to try a mass messaging campaign directly on WhatsApp, sign up for Callbell now, by clicking here.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct