WhatApp is one of the most used service channels nowadays, for this reason many companies have adapted their businesses in order to offer a personalized and always up-to-date service, through social networks and instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp. In fact, today many of these companies are carry out marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, using WhatsApp.

In this new article we will teach you how to integrate WhatsApp into your Facebook advertising campaigns, and continuously increase leads by taking advantage of new communication channels: you might now be wondering how WhatsApp can help you increase them in Facebook ads.

When people are impressed by an ad, what they want most is to get more information, and this is where WhatsApp comes in, which offers a button to immediately contact a consultant from your company, making this type of ad rich in terms of high % conversion rates.

To connect WhatsApp to Facebook ads you simply need to follow these quick steps:

You must connect the WhatsApp Business account to the Facebook fan page.

1) Go to your company’s Facebook page.

2) Click on Settings.

Connect WhatsApp to Facebook

3) In the left column, click on WhatsApp.

4) Choose your country code.

5) Enter your WhatsApp number and click on Send Code.

6) Enter the code and click Confirm.


Remember that you only need to set up your WhatsApp number within the fan page of your business, you do not have to enter it via the Facebook Business Manager.

Now you just have to add WhatsApp to your Facebook campaigns, exactly as follows.

1) Create a campaign in your Ad Manager by clicking the green + button.

2) Select the goal you prefer.

3) Set up a new ad set.

4) Go to traffic

5) Select WhatsApp.

6) Finally, select the page where you connected your WhatsApp Business number and … you’re all set!

In this way you will be able to create Facebook ads using the WhatsApp button, remember that it is very important that you have added WhatsApp to your fan page and in your Business Manager so that everything can work correctly.

Why link WhatsApp to a Facebook page

Connecting a WhatsApp account to your Facebook is important for two main reasons: the first one is because it will enable a button within your fan page, which will redirect your potential customers directly to your company WhatsApp number, and the second reason, also very important, consists in creating a Facebook campaign, thus having the possibility to connect it to WhatsApp with all your leads connected to this fundamental communication channel.
Why link WhatsApp to a Facebook page

How to create ads to generate sales on WhatsApp?

Facebook ads are usually very important for companies since, nowadays, they are a constant source of excellent quality leads, generally to attract traffic and sales to a particular company. Promotional campaigns are carried out on this platform, very often obtaining excellent results; however, most businesses have problems because they don’t actually know how to create Facebook ads, and for that very reason, we’ll help you with this mini guide so you can learn how to do it.

Creating ads on Facebook is very simple, you just have to follow these steps on the platform:

1) The first thing you have to do is to access your Facebook Ads Manager, by clicking here

2) Click on the green + button located at the top left of the screen.

3) Choose the type of visualization you want and finally set up the campaign with the parameters you want.

If you want more information on the subject, you can read this very comprehensive article that explains how to create an advertising campaign on Facebook.

How to write a text that generates leads on WhatsApp?

How to write a text that generates leads on WhatsApp?

You are probably wondering what are some of the best writing tips you should follow to get the message across and generate good leads. This is what many companies and people often ask and that is why we provide you with some great tips for creating a strong message.

First of all, write a simple text

Generally, the ads that generate the most leads are simple; Many times, in fact, we create too complicated ads and, for this reason, we recommend that you keep things as simple as possible. Remember that you cannot convince a user to purchase or perform a certain action, like contacting you on WhatsApp, if the ad is not clear or is particularly complex.

Get straight to the point

Ideally, in the title of your ad you should give a name to the product, problem or reason why they should contact you, paying close attention to what you write. Remember the first impression is what matters.

Use A / B testing

As a final recommendation, A / B testing is a great tool for verifying all of your ads and texts, so you can decide which one is best to use in your campaigns

How can you manage all the traffic generated by Facebook campaigns on WhatsApp?

In order to manage all the traffic generated by your Facebook campaigns on WhatsApp, we strongly recommend that you use a tool like Callbell that allows you to communicate, in total safety, with all your leads, using a single WhatsApp number, while managing a multi-agent team. If you would like more information on this tool, click here.
How can you manage all the traffic generated by Facebook campaigns on WhatsApp?
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