When digital marketing became famous a few years ago, no one thought about possible sales strategies to use on WhatsApp. Not even those companies willing to invest only for banners or internet advertisements. Compared to the past, today everything has changed. Currently, in fact, there are things such as Influencer Marketing, digital strategies for social networks, e-commerce which obviously sell online, business models such as affiliate marketing, shops selling exclusively via WhatsApp and much more.

Today, the possibilities of marketing a product or service digitally are practically endless. This applies to both companies and entrepreneurs with high or low budgets. One of the popular ways to sell products or services is in fact WhatsApp. This is because about 1.5 billion users are active on this platform. Push notifications, groups and WhatsApp Business have been the backbone of this new marketing tool.

So this is how WhatsApp becomes a very effective and useful platform for developing new businesses. At the same time, strategies and studies carried out have been developed on how to sell better using this platform. For this reason, we offer you the best sales strategies through WhatsApp, so that you can grow your business by getting more and better sales.

What impact WhatsApp has had for business

What impact WhatsApp has had for business

WhatsApp was meant to be just a messaging app. However, over time and with all the updates that emerged, the platform has been able to adapt to new business models mainly focused on social networks and messaging apps. This has turned it into a powerful tool, capable of quickly spreading news, promotions, and details on different activities.

Similarly, WhatsApp offers a variety of tools and really interesting features for all companies out there: such as, WhatsApp business, catalogs, ability to send documents and multimedia files, calls, and share physical locations (function perfectly usable and effective with delivery activities or catering).

Here’s how WhatsApp has positively impacted all the latest emerging businesses. It has managed to adapt to a new way in which companies are interested in staying in touch with all their customers. For this reason, it also provides metrics far superior to the old e-mail communication mode. In general, WhatsApp has been able to improve the performance and efficiency of daily communication between companies and customers.

Recommendations for dealing with customers on WhatsApp

Recommendations for dealing with customers on WhatsApp

A company that maintains a large part of its chats on WhatsApp needs to train its agents frequently. This is to offer the best possible customer service and resolve any issue quickly. Here we give you some of the best practices for dealing with your customers, allowing you to increase your sales strategy on WhatsApp.

1) Use a unique phone number

It is very important for a company to have only one WhatsApp number. In this way, the customer perceives a more professional, orderly and effective service. The personal numbers, in fact, should never be confused with the business.

2) Segment the audience

This has to be done, even though treating all customers in a similar way could make the job easier. If you try to offer a different and particular service for certain customer segments, you will notice a beneficial effect in terms of relationships and trust from the customers. Which results in more sales and preferences for your brand.

3) Always keep the catalog updated

This is very important, as it is basically where your customers see and analyze all the products you have available. It can also be defined as your cover letter to the public.

4) Provide customer service

Good customer service is important: this is no longer a secret, especially if you use WhatsApp as a means of communication. Therefore, we recommend that you choose agents who are 100% dedicated to this task within your company.

Sales strategies for WhatsApp

Sales strategies that will help your WhatsApp Business

It’s no secret that today many companies work with WhatsApp independently or using external tools such as Callbell. This has undoubtedly increased the need for sales strategies to improve business performance within the platform. For this reason, we bring you the best sales strategies on WhatsApp.

1) Use Facebook ads to create conversations on WhatsApp

Today, there are services like Facebook Business that allow your business to be seen on the Internet. In this particular case, Facebook is closely related to WhatsApp. This way, you will in fact have the ability to insert on your Facebook page sponsored ads, with a button that leads directly to start a conversation with your agent within the WhatsApp business app.

By engaging in a conversation directly with a consultant from your company, you will be able to get leads with a higher conversion rate. For this, we recommend that you carry out advertising campaigns dedicated exclusively to these chats. Agents can be directly chosen by either the sales department or the support team.

2) Install WhatsApp Business and allow your customers to interact with your company

WhatsApp Business  is the most useful and performing app for all companies present on WhatsApp. Using it greatly increases the likelihood of a lead buying or requesting a certain service. This is due solely to the fact that WhatsApp Business allows o customers to view a catalog and all the necessary product/service information offered by the company.

In addition, it offers the possibility of buying directly via the app. Plus, you can add an external link so as to show detailed information about the company such as: hours, departments, areas, links, contact details, etc.

3) Boost your WhatsApp activity through social networks

Do you have other social networks besides WhatsApp? Surely you do. For this reason, we encourage you to boost your business through other social networks. For example, with Facebook and Instagram you can reach thousands of people organically or for a fee. These apps also offer you the ability to initiate conversations via your WhatsApp account , which translates into a great benefit for your business.

You can also use Twitter or Tiktok  to increase the incoming chats on your WhatsApp account , as these social networks usually reach many people, since they have a large reach.

4) Use multimedia files to showcase your products and/or services

It is always advisable to use the multimedia functions present on your WhatsApp account to show your products or services. Remember that the products shown the most are always the best sellers.

For this reason, we recommend that you use photos and videos capable of showing your customers how your service or product works in practice, so as to arouse emotions that will eventually lead them to purchasing.

5) Use external tools for customer service and sales on WhatsApp

Did you know that there are tools capable of offering better customer service, being optimized for sales teams on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram or Facebook Messenger?

Discover Callbell, a tool capable of connecting multiple sales or customer service agents to a single WhatsApp account. But there’s more: you can also connect multiple social networks, such as those mentioned above, within a single platform. You can obtain metrics about your business, manage your  WhatsApp customers, handle large call volumes in an orderly and simple way, direct and assign chats to other agents, a WhatsApp CRM  and much more.

If you want to know more about Callbell and how it can help you get more sales and offer a better service on WhatsApp, and include it in your sales strategy, click here.

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How to send massive messages with Callbell

Callbell has also recently integrated the bulk message function for WhatsApp, with which our customers who use the WhatsApp Business API will be able to reach many users.

The most interesting difference between broadcast messages sent by WhatsApp API and traditional broadcast messages (those available for free on the WhatsApp App or WhatsApp Business) is that it is also possible to send a predefined message to all senders who have not saved your company number in the address book. The message will then be received by all users in the mailing list. In this way it will be possible to communicate with a large number of users (there is no limit of 256 contacts per sending), to thus effectively promote the company’s products or services.

To send a broadcast, you must first be a Callbell customer, with an active WhatsApp API account. You will then have to complete this short form . Once received, a member of our team will quickly contact you to share the cost of the service and schedule the shipment.

Although WhatsApp was created as a private messaging app, therefore useful for communicating personally with each user, it allows the sending of mass messages aimed at promoting, selling or disseminating company information.

If you decide to use this feature, keep in mind that it is always important to have obtained the users’ consent to receive your communications, otherwise you risk that the number will be blocked as it is considered spam. WhatsApp, after several reports from users, may decide to temporarily block the number.

You can find more info on our dedicated knowledge base.

Callbell Shop: a free solution to create a catalog for WhatsApp

Callbell Shop is the new Callbell tool to create a product catalog on WhatsApp and be able to sell without needing a website. All you must do is register on Callbell Shop with a Google account, enter the name, description and logo of your business to start configuring your catalog.

Once the shop has been created, in the “Catalogue” section you can enter the products or services you wish to sell via WhatsApp. You will be able to divide the products into categories, add prices, descriptions, delivery methods and everything you need to be able to sell on WhatsApp.

With Callbell Shop you can create a real online store for free and without needing a website. Once your digital catalog has been created, you will have a shareable link that refers to your digital catalog (e.g. v2project.callbell.shop)

You can connect your WhatsApp catalog to Facebook or Instagram, sharing the shop link on a post or story, or create an ad that refers to the catalog , so that your users can easily add products to their cart and order them directly on WhatsApp.

Visit the Callbell Shop website for more information.

Frequent Questions

Is selling on WhatsApp advisable?

Yes, today most companies not only sell through WhatsApp, but also offers customer service and sales right via this platform. Plus, by using the app you will have the possibility to increase the opening message rate and converting them, since WhatsApp is a direct instant messaging channel which be integrated with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Shopify and much more.

On the other hand, there are also tools like Callbell that focus more on improving the communication and customer service process through WhatsApp, allowing the possibility of connecting multiple agents to this app, offering metrics, a WhatsApp CRM and many other useful features to improve your digital business.

What tool can help me sell better on WhatsApp?

Callbell is the best tool capable of helping you increase and optimize your WhatsApp business, as it allows you to connect multiple sales or customer service agents to a single WhatsApp account. Not only that, you can also connect multiple social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Telegram within a single platform, obtain metrics about your business, manage your WhatsApp customers, handle large call volumes in an orderly and simple way, direct and assign chats to other agents, a WhatsApp CRM and much more.

Always keep in mind that using Callbell offers various and different advantages, such as verifying your company with Facebook and WhatsApp, metrics about your activity, agents and messages. Moreover, it is possible to have a single WhatsApp number for our company, which is offered by a more professional service in terms of customer service.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct