In this article we will explain how you can retrieve a number that has been banned from WhatsApp and you get the message “your phone number is suspended from using WhatsApp” when you open the app

Blocked WhatsApp account: what it means

The famous WhatsApp messaging app has recently changed its terms and conditions of use of the service: violations and repeated incorrect behaviour within the platform can lead to the suspension of your account.

The reasons why WhatsApp blocks or suspends your account are many, and may include the violation of the privacy of other users, copyright infringement, or the sharing of content deemed illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, annoying, offensive to a race or ethnicity, or promote or encourage illegal or inappropriate behaviour, including the encouragement of violent crime.

In case you violate of one or more of these terms, WhatsApp reserves the right to block an account, which cannot therefore be used to send or receive messages for the duration of the suspension.

The account can be suspended for a limited time, typically 24 hours, as a warning to violations of the terms of use, or in more extreme cases even permanently. You should therefore be careful and respect the rules imposed by the messaging giant.

This blocking procedure includes all WhatsApp users, from end users to WhatsApp Business users. In the latter case it could be a real problem, as it would affect communication with your users and potential customers.

Can my company unblock their WhatsApp account that has been permanently blocked? Yes, let’s see how you can do this in the next paragraph.

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How to unblock a blocked WhatsApp number

There are different ways of unlocking the WhatsApp account, depending if you are a normal user or a company. Below we’ll show you the solution for both cases.

For normal users, follow these steps:

1) Identify the reason you have been blocked: somehow you may have violated the terms of WhatsApp, used third-party apps to access it, or sent massive messages to users who are not in your address book (this is especially true in groups);

2) Stop the violation: you will have to solve the problem you encountered in the previous point. For example, uninstall third-party apps or delete the groups in which you have added contacts without their consent;

3) Send an e-mail to the WhatsApp assistance: write an e-mail to [email protected] and tell them about your problem. They typically responds within a few hours.

4) Wait for your WhatsApp number to be unblocked.

Up to here the procedure is the same even for companies: by simply following these steps even the Business account should be unblocked in no time. If this is not the case, you will have  to follow an alternative route.

The method that allows you to unblock your WhatsApp business account once and for all is to bring the number to the WhatsApp Business APIs. This will allow your company to re-enable the WhatsApp account and start communicating again with your target audience.

How to unblock a blocked WhatsApp number

What are the WhatsApp Business APIs

The WhatsApp Business APIs consist of access keys that can be integrated with platforms external to WhatsApp, which extract the information needed to manage incoming and outgoing chats from WhatsApp.

It is a solution suitable for medium/large companies that want to engage in numerous chats with their users through WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Business API, you can communicate with your users anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, the API offers many more solutions than the simple WhatsApp Business app: it allows you to professionally structure and organize interactions with your customers, and it easily adapts to the different sectors in which companies operate.

How to recover a blocked WhatsApp Business number thanks to Callbell

As described above, to unblock your company number you will need to use the WhatsApp Business API. You can do it directly through the Callbell dashboard, all you have to do is follow the next steps:

Note: to request access to the WhatsApp Business API, you need a number not associated with a WhatsApp account and a verified Facebook Business Manager account, find out here how to verify it.

1) Create a Callbell account: you can register on our platform for free;

2) Fill out this form: it will allow us to request access to the WhatsApp Business API on your behalf

3) Wait for WhatsApp’s approval: this phase takes approximately 24 hours;

4) Verify the WhatsApp number.

Once you have obtained access to the WhatsApp Business API, you should be able to unblock your business number.

In addition, you can now start exploiting the full potential of the API and organize your sales or support team so that they can start replying to the WhatsApp chats directly from our platform.

Through Callbell you can invite up to 100 agents to handle chats, which will be allocated in a totally automated and random way. Dedicated agents will also be able to insert internal notes, quick replies and add user tags.

You will be able to discover these and many other features for managing your WhatsApp channel directly within our dashboard. Log in here to find out more.

If you have unblocked your WhatsApp number thanks to this article, don’t forget to leave a comment below, and share it. Thanks for reading!

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