WhatsApp Marketing is a very common tool, used by everyone from the smallest entrepreneur to large companies. We all know that it is very popular for users, including us, to enter this social network and spend hours watching stories, status and ads. This catches the attention of entrepreneurs and business owners thanks to the economic potential growth led by WhatsApp. 

Companies have adapted a new way of working, moving their advertising to WhatsApp in order to attract a big number of customers and starting conversations unless they make a sale of a service or product. 

We like to buy and, if it is done using a very comfortable and simple app, well, let’s go shopping! 

Comfort and privacy play an important role in a person’s decision-making when choosing a product or service and that is why in this article, we are going to describe you 9 successful marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Marketing

To understand how WhatsApp Marketing works, we must know very well our target audience and how we are going to approach it. This kind of marketing is a tool in which companies tend to redirect their traffic to WhatsApp and make use of all the business features of this platform in order to reach as many users as possible in a rapid and efficient way. 

Using WhatsApp Marketing, you can send customized messages, offer exclusive promotions and answer customer questions quickly and efficiently. In addition, it allows a double communication: customers will be able to reply and interact in the first person with the company.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing

The advantages that we can obtain from the marketing through WhatsApp are so many that we cannot share this entire system, one of them is the speed of communication, being an instant messaging app, you can talk to your customers immediately. 

Another advantage is that WhatsApp Marketing allows you to offer exclusive promotions and discounts to customers, this improves loyalty and commitment to the brand. It is useful even to resolve customer doubts and problems in a very fast and increasing way. 

Finally, WhatsApp Marketing is an economical and easy strategy, requiring only a mobile device with an internet connection and no big investments in advertising or expensive marketing tools. 

Additionally, WhatsApp can be combined with tools like Callbell in order to improve customer service and sales service in your own company. Basically, this tool provides multiple features like statistics, CRM, automatic routing, multi-agent chat and more features that help companies sell more on WhatsApp and other social networks.

9 examples of successful WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Here are 9 examples of WhatsApp marketing campaigns that became very successful, improving customer interaction and achieving the goal of increasing sales. 

1) Successful Accor campaign 

At Accor hotels placed in the UK or Ireland, guests are provided with a WhatsApp phone number along with the room key. They can enjoy quick and easy communication with the hotel to request several services, like reserving a table in the restaurant, demanding additional towels or even ordering dinner from room service. 

The availability of this tool allows guests to feel more comfortable and cared for during their stay, while allowing them to make their requests in a very efficient way. 

2) Whatscook 

More than 5 years ago, the Cubocc company carried out a revolutionary marketing campaign on WhatsApp for the Hellman’s mayonnaise brand in Brazil, which later spread to other countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The campaign was focused on the Whatscook web platform, where users could send a photo of their own fridge and receive a personalized recipe on WhatsApp from a professional chef. 

The only condition was to use the brand’s mayonnaise during the preparation of the proposed recipe. This WhatsApp marketing campaign became one of the most original and successful of its time, showing the effectiveness of the platform in reaching customers and generating customized and important interactions. 

3) Holidayguru 

Holidayguru was born as an initiative of two travel enthusiast friends who created a website in order to find the best deals on last minute or weekend trips. Over time, this idea developed into a German company that expanded to several European countries, including Spain. 

In this country, its WhatsApp marketing strategy focuses on providing alerts with last minute discounts allowing the users to not miss the most attractive opportunities. Among these offers, it possible to find flights for 80 cents, which offers real value to users without causing rejection. Holidayguru’s WhatsApp marketing strategy is a revolutionary and useful channel to reach customers in a very customized way and generate valuable interactions. 

4) Get an-AYGO – Toyota 

Toyota surprised again with a new WhatsApp campaign which offered a car as a prize delivered on Valentine’s Day. Under the name “Get an AYGO”, the brand invited those who were interested to use their best seduction techniques using text messages, photos, videos and audio to make the Aygo fall in love, which was actually controlled by another community manager. 

The campaign was a success, receiving more than 17,000 messages and 89,000 interactions, with peaks of up to 300 simultaneous conversations. The brand registered the seduction tips on its website and chose the best participants, receiving great visibility in multiple media outlets in Spain. This marketing campaign on WhatsApp once again demonstrated the platform’s ability to generate fun and valuable interactions between customers and brand. 

5) Pringles Campus 

Pringles, the potato chip brand, also recognized the potential of WhatsApp Marketing to reach the youngest. After running contests on Facebook, in 2013 it decided to move to WhatsApp to challenge participants to display their own creativity when sending messages. The contest consisted of several steps, starting with messages using only emojis, which had to be beaten by Mr. Pringles. 

Then, the participants would advance to five mini-challenges, where they had to demonstrate their own skill to lead and move masses. If they overcame these challenges, they would receive a phone call with a clue. The campaign was a fantastic success, with more than 300,000 people participating in the contest. The final winner became a Pringles ambassador on social networks with a monthly entry of 1000 euros. This campaign demonstrated how WhatsApp Marketing can be used to engage happy customers and exciting contests while strengthening the brand’s connection with its audience. 

6) Rent a Predator – Adidas 

In 2020, Adidas came up with a campaign to help London soccer teams with unstable teams. The campaign, called “Rent a Predator”, allowed players to request a replacement on WhatsApp if their partner missed the game at the last minute. The idea was that these teams would send the time, day and place of the match to Adidas WhatsApp number that would send them an additional player. 

Those chosen had the opportunity to play with soccer stars like Kaká and the best talent in London, promoting at the same time the brand’s Predator20 shoes. The campaign was a marvelous success, with appearances by soccer stars who became viral in just six days. 

7) “Road to the Final” – Heineken 

During the UEFA Champions League final, the prestigious Dutch beer brand launched an extremely smart marketing campaign that highlighted the use of WhatsApp as the main channel to connect with its consumers. As in the past years, Heineken was looking to reward its customers with tickets to the UEFA Champions League final but, this time, they created an exciting game with a robot that would challenge the finalists via WhatsApp. 

Participants just had to send a message with the word “Champions” to start the game, and then it would ask them trivia questions that they had to answer correctly to win. With this campaign, Heineken had been able to catch even more attention in the market. 

8) Ceramic Marta 

A ceramic workshop placed Madrid has found its own success by focusing its marketing strategy on WhatsApp Business. The company has been recognized as one of the most successful small businesses in Spain thanks to its marketing ads in collaboration with the aforementioned app. 

The workshop uses the business version of WhatsApp in order to manage its workload, allowing it to interact with customers and students in a more effective way with the aim to achieve their expectations and generate greater satisfaction. The shop owner appreciates that thanks to this instant messaging tool, able to overcome the challenges of a very demanding business, gaining more recognition in the process. 

9) Absolute Vodka 

Some years ago, Absolut Vodka decided to launch the limited edition “Absolut Unique” in Argentina and celebrate it in style with an exclusive VIP party. In order to add to the excitement, they released 4 million bottles with the slogan “One of a kind. Millions of Expressions” announcing that two lucky people would have the opportunity to attend. 

How did they do it with WhatsApp Marketing? 📲 

Winning the tickets would not be easy, the interested ones would have to contact Sven via WhatsApp, a virtual doorman who would not be easy to convince. Participants had to present their own arguments regarding the reason to why they would be the perfect guests. The strategy worked extremely well and in just 3 days Sven received over 1000 images and videos from the contestants, resulting a very effective and exciting ads campaign for Absolut Vodka.

Successful Marketing campaigns on WhatsApp

Improve your Marketing campaigns on WhatsApp with Callbell

Callbell is a tool able to improve your WhatsApp marketing campaigns in different ways: 

1) Centralize your WhatsApp chats on a single platform: With Callbell, you can centralize your WhatsApp chats coming from different numbers and accounts on a single platform. This allows you to control your conversations, reply in a very fast and avoid confusion. 

2) Automate your replies: Callbell allows you to create automated answers to very common questions and welcome messages. This helps you save time and provide faster, more efficient customer service. 

3) Analyse your statistics: Callbell provides you with detailed statistics about your WhatsApp interactions. You can see how many conversations you have open, how many have been closed, how long it took you to reply and much more details. This information helps you measure the success of your campaigns and improve them during time. 

4) Personalize your messages: You can personalize your WhatsApp messages adding the customer’s name or any other relevant information. This makes your messages more personal, creating a stronger bond with your customers. 

In short, Callbell allows you to control, automate and analyse your WhatsApp interactions in a very fast and useful way. Thanks to this element, you will be able to improve your marketing campaigns on WhatsApp and provide a better customer service. 

Frequent Questions

What is Callbell?

Callbell is a business messaging tool that allows you to centralize all conversations with customers through different messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram on a single platform.

With Callbell, companies can easily manage conversations, assign them to different team members, automate responses, and measure the performance of marketing campaigns in real time. In addition, Callbell offers integration with various third-party tools, such as CRM and marketing automation software, allowing businesses to streamline their workflows and improve customer service efficiencies.

What are the advantages of marketing on WhatsApp?

There are several advantages of WhatsApp Marketing that can benefit any company that decides to implement it. First of all, it is a fast and effective way to communicate with customers, since 98% of messages sent through WhatsApp are opened and read within 24 hours.

In addition, it allows a more personalized and direct communication, since messages can be sent individually or in specific groups.

Another advantage is that WhatsApp Marketing allows you to offer exclusive promotions and discounts to customers, which can improve loyalty and commitment to the brand. It is also a way to resolve customer concerns and issues quickly and efficiently, which can improve their experience and satisfaction with the company.

Finally, WhatsApp Marketing is an economical and easy-to-implement strategy, since it only requires a mobile device with an internet connection and no large investments in advertising or expensive marketing tools are needed.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct