Not just ads in the status: with WhatsApp’s click-to-message it will be possible to sponsor the beginning of a chat with the user

When, at the beginning of 2018, Facebook announced the release of WhatsApp’s APIs, most of the journalists in the sector commented on the news, speculating on the different options through which the company would finally start to monetize through the use of the app.

The widespread opinion was focused on how companies could use this channel to communicate with their customers through the green handset app. Only a few had initially imagined that Facebook would try to monetize not only through the messages but also through the start of the chat itself.

In order not to lose this opportunity, Facebook has given life to a new type of ad called WhatsApp’s Click-to-Message.

More and more companies use WhatsApp to sell:  from the first contact to the purchase, all through the chat ☝️

Many companies not only want to communicate and support their customers through direct messaging channels, but they also use these tools to generate leads, conversations and get to sell the product or service exclusively by chatting with their client.

Everything that is sold online and requires any form of human interaction before the purchase is finalized, must go through a contact via email, telephone or through a messaging application and in a B2C context there is no better alternative to the most downloaded app ever.

WhatsApp introduces new Click-to-chat advertisements

What are WhatsApp’s new Click-to-chat ads?

Facebook, which has sensed this trend for some time now, has decided not to miss this opportunity to continue the process of monetization on different levels.

Soon, through its advertising platform, companies will be able to choose to include in their sponsored banners the possibility for the user to start a chat with the company, ensuring in most cases that a click will convert into a qualified lead (once the conversation has started, the company will of course see the phone number of the user).

When can we start using these new ads? ⌛

We don’t know yet the details on the functionality and costs of this new tool, but not too much time will pass between the release of WhatsApp’s Business APIs, scheduled for January 2019, and the launch of this new advertising tool on the market.

The release of the APIs remains the necessary condition for a scalable operation of this technology as it will allow companies to manage their customer service in a structured manner through WhatsApp thanks to solutions like ours.

We look forward to seeing what the beginning of 2019 has in store for us, the year in which WhatsApp will change the way companies will communicate with their customers.

WhatsApp expects to release the APIs in January 2019
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