In this short article we will see how to automatically assign chats coming from Facebook Messenger, and share conversations with contacts and potential customers among the various members of your sales or support team.

A growing number of companies are using Facebook Messenger to communicate, sell and provide customer support. The Facebook messaging app represents a simple tool to make sure that the contact receives and opens the messages that are exchanged between him/her and the company.

However, when the chat volumes of a Facebook page grow significantly, it is often difficult to manage a large flow of chats starting from the Facebook messaging interface: operators who work simultaneously on the same account have no way of sorting, in a simple way, contact requests.

Unfortunately, the interface provided by Facebook for the page chat management does not feature the implementation of a system that allows to share incoming conversations through automatic assignment systems. Furthermore, if the company uses Facebook Messenger as a sales channel, it is not possible to allocate in a fair way the potential customers to the various sellers who take care of the customer during the product purchasing phase (often referred to as a Round Robin assignment).

To solve this problem, at Callbell, we have listened to our customers who have long requested a system to manage their business messaging on Messenger more effectively. Let’s find out how.

How to assign a chat each on Facebook Messenger

Since from the Facebook Messenger interface it is not possible to assign and share incoming page chats, you will need to create an account on Callbell to solve this problem.

Callbell is a platform that integrates all the main direct messaging channels used for communication between the company and customers, providing all the features that a business needs to effectively manage customer relationships.

Function 1 – Callbell’s Automatic Assignment

Thanks to Callbell, it is in fact possible to automatically manage how conversations coming from a Facebook page are shared. Here are the steps to follow to implement a Round Robin-type assignment:

1) Create an account on Callbell
2) Connect your Facebook page, authorizing the app to manage your messages
3) Invite your team members from the settings
4) Activate the automatic assignment function

Function 2 – Callbell’s Automatic Routing

Automatic chat routing allows new incoming conversations to be automatically allocated to different teams within the account, regardless of whether they come from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram.

Unlike automatic assignment, a welcome message will guide the user so that they can choose which department or team they want to communicate with (e.g., sales, support, etc.). The conversation will then be assigned to the corresponding team so that it can be handled as effectively as possible.

You can enable automatic routing by going to Settings –> Automatic Routing. Follow this guide to learn more.


Automatically assign Facebook Messenger chats

Once you have followed these steps, you can finally share and allocate the chats coming from your Facebook page among the members of your sales and support team in a fair  manner (the Callbell application is also available on Android and IOS).

For any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us via chat (via the widget you find on your right) or via email by writing to [email protected].

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Automatically assign Facebook Messenger chats

Frequent Questions

How to assign each chat on Facebook Messenger?

Since it is not possible to assign and distribute chats coming from the Facebook Messenger interface, you will need to create a Callbell account to overcome this problem. Callbell is a platform that integrates all the main instant messaging channels used for communication between companies and customers, giving all of the tools a company needs to properly manage relationships with its clients.

Thanks to Callbell it is in fact possible to manage the assignment of conversations from a Facebook page in an automated manner. The steps to follow to implement a round robin assignment are:

  • Create an account on Callbell
  • Connect your Facebook page by authorizing the message management
  • Inform your team members about assignments
  • Activate the Auto Assign function
Assigning chats on Facebook is safe?

Assigning chats on Facebook via the Callbell tool is 100% safe as this application only saves messages that arrive directly in your Facebook mailbox, without storing any personal information from your account. On the other hand, the messages assigned to each user are exclusive to the Callbell platform, i.e. they are not assigned within Facebook, but within the Callbell tool, so this will not affect your Facebook account in any way.

Remember that the security of your account depends on the truthfulness and transparency of the external tools you use and connect to Facebook: if you decide to use a new tool, make sure to check its security to ensure that your accounts are always secure.

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